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3 Myths of Cash Loans When you mention that you are thinking about using cash loans, you will start to hear the stories and horror tales about them. This is something that you will need to listen to but keep in mind that these are stories and many of them are myths; it is important to learn the truths behind these cash loans. Myth: You ruin your credit rating This all depends on how you use the cash loans online. If you are careful with your borrowing and pay them back when you are supposed to, you will actually help your credit rating. The benefit of these loans is that you can prove you are responsible with your money and that you take your debts seriously. However, if you do leave them and do not pay the back on time, you will do a lot of damage to your credit rating. The missed payments will show up on your credit report and you will look like an irresponsible borrower to many other lenders. If you do find that you are going to struggle to pay all of the money back, telephone the company and talk to them. Many will be happy to defer the payments as long as you clear as much as you can afford and set a new date right then to pay it all back; just make sure that you meet that deadline. Myth: You will pay back a lot in interest Yes and no. The interest rates are high, especially when you consider the APRs of cash loans, but that does not mean that you will be paying back extortionate amounts of money. For the first month, you will find that the fees remain low; usually around the same amount as your overdraft charges or fees if you went over your credit limit. If you fail to pay the money back then you will need to start paying the high interest rates. You could call the company to organize a different pay date and to keep the interest low but this will not always happen; it all depends on the reason why you need the money and how often you do this. Myth: You cannot get one if you are unemployed or in contractual employment This all depends on the cash loans company that you opt for. Surprisingly, there are a number of companies that will allow those who are unemployed to take out cash loans. You will need to prove that you can afford the money. Those who are self-employed or in contractual employment do stand a chance of getting the cash loans as long as they are able to prove that they will have the money the month after.

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However, the truth is that most lenders of payday loans prefer to loan to people who are in stable employment because they are a lower risk. This is the problem of not doing credit checks; the lenders have no idea whether you have defaulted on payments in the past so they need to know that your current financial situation is just right. Payday Loans Online Payday loans are installment loans, high interest rate loans that are available to anyone over the age of 18 who meets the lender’s criteria. Finding payday loans online is easy. Perform a web search for “payday loans online” and you might be surprised at the hundreds and maybe even thousands of payday loan companies that will be revealed. Obtaining online loans is a matter of filling out the application with the required information, submitting it to the lender and waiting for approval. It sounds like a simple process and the payday loans online are advertised as a simple process. There is more to utilizing payday loans online than meets the eye. Payday loans have a high interest rate, higher than a standard bank or credit union loan. The finance charge is anywhere from $15 to $35 for every one hundred dollars borrowed. The loans are available from $100 and $1,500. Always calculate the overall finance charge when considering a short term loans. If you take out a payday loan for $100, the finance charge will be between $15 and $35 plus the amount of the loan. If you take out a loan of $1,500, the finance charge will be between $225 to $525 plus the amount of the loan. The loan is due back in one lump sum in 7 to 30 days. It is critical the borrower consider the amount of money to be paid back at one time. Some lenders will allow installment payments, but the payback time frame is still short.

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It is possible to find payday loans online that allow installment payments, or will set up installment payments if the borrower has a hard time paying off the loan. The lender will usually offer a payment plan if the borrower notifies the lender in advance, they will not be able to pay the loan on time. They would rather work with customers to solve problems like that rather than chase borrowers who just skip the payment all together. When searching for payday loans online, it is critical to check the lender out very carefully. There are those lenders that are legitimate and work within any regulation imposed by the state they work in. If they claim to be a certified member of a financial organization, check to make sure the organization really exists and the lender is really a current member in good standing. Some lenders who offer fast cash loans online are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Check with the BBB and make sure the lender is a member and their rating. Also check if there are complaints filed against the lender and if so, how were they resolved, if they were resolved. Before choosing a lender when searching for payday loans online, compare several different lenders. Compare the finance charges, the length of term for payback and the actual requirements the applicant has to meet. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the loan. If the lender does not make them available, move on to the next lender.

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